Monday, September 24, 2012

Paris Day 1 and Vendor Mall #2

Happy 35th Anniversary are the best!

Although I am showing photos at different times during our adventure I thought I would take you through each day with a few photos of the trip and then include a slide show.  The Hotel Le Muguet is located in the Eiffel Tower District.  Our merry trio flew into Paris after an extended stay at the Toronto Airport and from there we planned to take the TVG (high speed train) to Strasbourg the next morning.  Our room was quaint and they fit the 3 of us in one room.

I thought the bathroom was cute and was located right next to Lori's bed. lol

Lori had a single bed with a table located at the end for all her stuff.

Since Robin had never been to the Eiffel Tower we decided to head right over for a peek.  There were to many people to attempt the trip up and so we decided to do that on our return visit.

...and now Vendor Mall #2 slide show.  I set it at a 7 second delay so you could really look at all the items in the photo so get yourself a cup of is going to run for a while!  Enjoy the shopping!

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