Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oh My Tired Tootsies

The first day of the quilt show started in the vendor mall!!! It is hard to believe but more than one person told me that there are not near the crowds of years past!

Spotted Libby Lehman in one of the quilt show area. Day one for us included 6 different venues around the village where quilts were hung. And, a gigantic vendor mall!

The security dog has put on a little weight cause all the quilters kept bumping into each other and knocking bit of food out of their hands...maybe his jacket should have said janitor! Lol

The vendor mall was JAMMED! And it seemed like ther was no oxygen in the building...but, that did not prevent me from shopping. I won't be posting my vendor mall photo or quilt show photo until I get home and can make a slide show. But tomorrow I will post my to figure out how to get them in my suitcase??!!!

This guy was sooo cute in his skirt and his Scottish accent...when I told him he was to cute...he said, "you're not so bad yourself." with a bit of a lilt

Got a photo of one of my travel mates Ida in front of the Aurafil thread display! S much fun!!

Found this guy outside our hotel and had to take a photo for HH, the sidecar holds the wife AND the dog!

Robin has been busy and finished 3 more blocks...Lori and I aren't doing near as good.

Tomorrow we visit 3 more villages and view more quilts...thank goodness there will be no vendor mall!

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