Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Day in Beaune

Robin found a chocolate croissant that looked like a hedgehog...which meant it was going to be an interesting day!

We started with a tour of the original hospital in Beaune which was supported by the wealthy for all to use. It was fascinating, not only because of the medical care back then but because for all our advances in medicine it seems a good nurse can make the difference.

After the tour of the hospital turned museum...we headed to the mustard factory. Lori was trying her hand at making the perfect mustard paste.

I got some cool shot of silhouettes against the lit mustard jars! This is our fearless leader, Jeanne!

And this one of Andy! I think they would make wonderful quilts!

I had to have one more cappuccino before our travel across France...today we head back to Paris.

Before leaving I wanted to share one more photo...Robin Lori and I were out for dinner and at the next table was a woman with her cat on a leash! The cat just sat there calmly until the waiter brought a dish of cream...amazing sites in France!

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