Friday, September 21, 2012

Honey I'm Home!!!

What an adventure!  I know I may be repeating myself with some of my stories but you are lucky I am not putting all my photos on this blog!!!  So far the computer has told me that it is going to take an hour! download the photos I took on this will be posting and repeating myself for about a week as I reminisce the trip and post some slide shows

Besides the  10 hours spent in the Toronto Airport on the way over every thing else was cake!  Tour groups are an interesting way to observe human interaction.  Social Scientist should just follow tour groups around to compile information on group hierarchy, interaction, problem solving...cause a tour group challenges all manner of human emotions.  You have a group of people who for the most part don't know each other.  Some small subgroups who came together don't necessarily know the other subgroups.  Then you add all the quirks that each of us has, what we like to eat, how we like to sleep/wake up, how adventurous one is as opposed to feeling of anxiety when in new situations, ALL our human strengths and frailties.  Then there is the 'ol...farting in front of a stranger.  If you had to share a room with someone you didn't know it really challenges your self confidence in your own body functions.  You really have to set some boundaries (Robin is not allowed to eat plums in large quantities while traveling)...I on the other hand was the perfect roommate! ROFLOL  Our tour leaders Jeanne and Mary Ellen were patient considering we were like herding cats.

I think for the most part everyone had an overall great life, there were moments for everyone when they might have been tempted to release their inner 2 year old and bite someone.  And so what I can say is, traveling on a tour will open doors you might not have walked through on your own but, bring flexibility, grace, good humor and if your roommate has a craving for not let her have any! LOL  Of course she would have a list a mile long that I am not allowed!

On the way home...I discovered another thing...quilters are NEVER done shopping.  Here we had just been to the most awesome quilt show in the world which included a spectacular vendor mall....jet lagged and faced with a 3 hour drive over the mountain into our smoke saturated town...we received an email that Fabric Depot was having a 30% off EVERY THING sale.  What did we do...shopped of course!  I want to qualify this photo by saying that I didn't buy the most (that would be Lori).

When I got home...HH had made a nice pile of my BOM's that arrived while I was gone...looks like I have my work cut out for me (no pun intended) but since I don't want to go outside because of the smoke...I'll just sew!!!