Monday, September 10, 2012

Haut Koenigsbourg Castle, La Courrone, Scherwiller & Colmar

I know I have been horrible about answering emails but time is fleeting with the schedule we are keeping. Jeanne has scheduled a wonderful variety of activities and I have been enjoying the adventure. The weather has been wonderful although a little warm but mom always told use complaining about the weather cause you have no control over it! Today it has been a year since we parted but I have felt her on this trip in so many ways.

Our first stop after leaving Strasbourg was a castle...what is not to like about that!!

Robin, Lori and I have been so inspired by all that we see and are constantly pointing and pulling each other...come look at this!! I personally want to design a coat of arms flag for our family!

We stopped for lunch at the cute establishment where the chef gave us a presentation of what we would be served.

The final course...a cappuccino...have you ever seen something this beautiful! And it was heavenly!!!

After arriving in Colmar we were so tickled with our bed fit for a queen that we must have missed the instructions to meet downstairs at 4:40 and went down at 5:00 on the itinerary for the town train ride. But, as I live by the rule that life sometimes happens as it is supposed to....

We walked around and took in a little of the local area.

Which led us to the art exhibit and this wonderful woman who created purses and wallets out of leather. I had to get one for my sis, and Robin splurged on one for herself!!

Tomorrow we head to the Beauville outlet and Ribeauville! Au Revoir!

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