Monday, September 3, 2012

Doing My Part!

What can I say...I am proud to be an American, proud to be living in Central Oregon and especially proud that HH got paid right before the Labor Day Sales!  Of course...there is my consciousness...that has a awl and is poking my frontal lobe saying..."ARE YOU NUTS!!!"  Any reasonable person would say, "you are leaving for a quilt show...with don't need to buy a thing!"    But I say to you...I am proud to be a LOCOVORE Quilter, which means I happy to sink fabric money locally.  Of course that does not preclude the fact that I will be doing my diplomatic best to improve US-French Quilting Relations.  I think Robin, Lori and I can actually be Woolie Ambassadors!!!

And so this is what will be waiting for me upon my return.  One quilt as you go minki kit which I want to make for HH.  flannel backing for some autumn wool projects, Halloween Charm pack and 2 wool kits...all purchased on SALE!