Thursday, August 9, 2012

Whirling Dervish!

I am a whirling dervish...a Tasmanian Devil...a road runner on crack...I missed my massage appointment this week because I am not organized!!! Yesterday I had a moment.  I really love my massage appointments not because they are relaxing...they are sometimes tortuous but, it has keep me out of a surgeon's office...and towards the end of each session she does help me relax.  She is definitely a body therapist.  For you locals you can contact Diana Durham of Akitsu-Shima Holistic Massage at 541-788-0787 

I got an email from my friend Jeanne who is leading our trip to France...remember...a QUILT TRIP to France!!!  She has an opening for "one" person!!!  But you have to act if you are interested in looking at quilts! France!...with me and a couple of Fabric Stalkers...and some new Jeanne right away at

So, after my moment I really wasn't all my fault...I just needed a better system.  I know myself so well and can tell when I am stressed.  Suddenly the drone of Spider Solitaire on the computer is calling me and an hour later I am running around the house yelling...oh #$%^.  I need a new calendar!  I was much better when I had one of those purse/pocket calendars because it was always with me.  Getting appt. cards and hoping I get them home and transfer the info to the computer is much like gambling.  Obviously, the rest of the world must be have the same issue because the choices are astounding!

A personalized calendar is so individual.  I must have spent 30 minutes looking at them...weekly, monthly, little, big, theme'd, cutesy, sophisticated...oye vey!  In the past I have used a monthly calendar but, this time I am venturing into weekly territory.  We will have to see how it goes.

After swimming class I get to head over to the design center and talk with the builder about color, product and the house.  It is such a nicely designed compact place with a nice flow.  I am so blessed to have a friend like Anne & Mr. Cottons 'n Wool who have recently been through this process with the same builder.  I took the plans over and we discussed light placement, plug placement, doors...I can't not tell you what a relief it was to have this support.

Well, Enzo needs a walk and I need a swim...hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

PS.  Got the wedding fans and jars done.  lost my last game of Spider Solitaire.