Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's A Double Trouble Life...

I have come to the conclusion that stepping back into my quilting life may take a second longer than I thought.  Playing catch up and also preparing for my departure to France is ca-ca-ca-razy making.  Today the newlyweds arrive in Bend (I can't wait!!!!) for a few days of hiking, enjoying the mountains and the forest before they head back to the land of corn.  Then HH, Enzo and I plan to head out to the desert and be one with the dirt.  We want to get some camping in before the start of Bow Hunting Season...we don't want Enzo to be mistaken for some deer jerky.

When you step out of your life...and come tend to arrive to a view like in the photo below...yes, whenever we leave for any length of time the local doom squirrel takes to ripping apart pine cones and leaving a giant mess....much like how I left my sewing room.  So tell there anyone out there who is in battle with their own doom squirrel.