Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catching Up on the Chit Chat

Boy was it ever a packed weekend!  I was telling Irene (Cakers) that I think by November things will slow down for me...and you know what she did...LAUGHED OUT LOUD!  Rude!  What can I say, I live in Central Oregon where there is something going on every freakin' second of every freakin' day!!!  But between all the activity Enzo and I make time for our daily golf ball hunt.  We hit the jackpot...look at that pretty pink one!  I am saving that one for my sis's friend Melinda who is actually a golfer! lol  Enzo looks like he is a little worried about me taking his balls (no pun intended...the vet already did that).

HH goes out hiking in the desert every weekend and has never see a Jackalope!  But we quietly came upon this one in the parking garage downtown! 

No matter how chaotic the day has been, every evening HH and I sit out on the deck and watch the wild life.  This little Blue Bird  really wants to fly but, for right now is a "failure to launch".  The mom will come back and try to entice the little guy with food...for now...NO WAY!

You have to be quick and fearless on our deck.  We were sitting quietly a couple of evening ago and a hawk snatched a chipmunk right off the branch above us...this little nuthatch was thinking...I have never seen a flying chipmunk!!!

Enough chit chat...bring on the slide show.  This one is from the BOM class offered at BJ's Quilt Basket!  Enjoy!

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