Monday, July 2, 2012


How the heck did it happen???  I cannot believe we have entered July!  Is anyone out there as shocked as I am?  Next weekend the quilting hordes start arriving for the Quilter's Affair and the Festival of Classes.  Non stop quilting activities for a solid week and then The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show!  I am blown away how fast time seems to be moving.  

HH and I spent the last couple of days getting Quiet River ready for visitors.  My sister, BIL and their friend arrive on Friday for a week long vacation.  I can't wait to introduce my sister to the world of quilting.  Although she loves all the quilts and table runners I have made her over the years she really has not experienced the true world of QUILTING!

Once Quiet River was ready I started dragging out my patriotic decor.  Remember this wool project that I finished just in the nick of time last July!

A few years ago I made a bargello style flag.  In the blue area is says vote, vote, vote...and important American benefit!

This is one of my favorite 4th of July quilts.  I love house quilts and I love red, white and blue the two together are just cake!!!

You had better get your 4th of July decor up...cause it is happening this week!