Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Tourist, Bend Style

Having  out of town guest makes you look at your town through rose colored glasses.  I have always loved showing off the beauty of where I live...but on a sunny 90+ day it is even more fun!  Walking Enzo on the River Trail and Sawyer Park...having lunch at the newly remodeled Deschutes Brewery and shopping the downtown shops...enjoying an iced latte at Thump...oh what a beautiful day.

For dinner my sister cooked a wonderful Korean feast...even Enzo wanted some! lol...see him peeking in the window! 

The quilt photos were a special find at Thump.  All the of the small quilts had a cycling theme and I recognized some of the creators!  Today we head out to Sister to check out the Fiber Art Stroll!  Slide show tomorrow!

PS.  Still don't have my homework done...