Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dude Abides

Yesterday started out quietly and ended with laughter...but, the in between part was a "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride."  The on again, off again camping trip was "on" at the point I saw this family passing through my yard.  Do you see what this mom is teaching her young ones!!!  To eat my flowers!!!  But then a peace came over me and I thought, how lucky am I to grow flowers for the benefit of such wonderful creatures.

It is not uncommon for deer to have twins or triplets.  This set of twins was all legs, jumping and kicking!...and hiding in the bushes.

I was feverishly attaching the binding to my July UFO so I could take it camping when I realized that the binding I had made was about 1 yard short!  I kept looking for some additional fabric in between camp packing and each time I decided to check I felt more panic...that I didn't have anymore.  Finally after the 4th search I found this little pile!  tucked away.  Phewwww.  Little scraps, but enough to get a yard of binding!  You should have seen me...quilt still under the presser foot, stretching the attached binding to the cutting table so I could get the angle right for the spliced pieced...good thing my sewing room is small and you can reach from the sewing table to the cutting table! lol  When HH came to the back door and asked if I was ready...I handed him the quilt and sewing pack. Of course I'm sweat....

Since we had decided to go off the grid camping we packed extra water...Enzo seems a little disturbed by the company he is having to share the back seat

The pink ribbon that HH tied to the first turn was still there...tying a ribbon on a post is an old Cartographers

Since last week when we had been this way new neighbors had moved the traveling was a little slower because they were such road hogs!  

I wondered if they knew about the CCR's or HOA rules about not parking their butts in the middle of the road...or leaving cow pies everywhere????

...and then it happened...HH said, "Is that the clouds or is there a fire over there?"  Hummm, looks like fire to me.  So we opened a barbed wire gate pulled in and parked.  HH and Enzo climbed to the top of a rock outcropping with binoculars and stated..."Yep, that's a fire."  Not to be run off right away, we pulled out our chairs, got some cold drinks and watched as it doubled in size.  I called the dispatch center and sure enough it was a fire and they already had a whole crew on it.  It is sooooo beautiful out there...and quiet.  We watched the hawks fly over us to check out the new neighbors and Enzo was loving the freedom of letting his nose lead him around.

Unfortunately because I am in the thick of some time sensitive business I had my cell phone with me and sure enough 3 calls later it looked like I would have  business to take care of Sat...which meant going back home.  Should we stay overnight or head back now?...that was the question.  Although, we watched the fire and determined it was a fair distance away...we noticed 3 things...1.) the smoke of settling in the tree line where we like to camp. 2.) 5 trucks passed us on the road (1 was the rancher) and you never see that kind of traffic out here...and...3.) as we sat in the beauty of it all the Borate Bomber which drops fire retardant on fires flew right over the top of low we could see the red color of the retardant on it underbelly.  Yep, it was time to head home...

And so, the epilogue to this tale is HH, Enzo and I had bread and cheese with Midori Margaritas at home because we were to tired to cook at 7:00 PM and watched The Big Labowski...because in chaos...The Dude Abides.