Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Boom Boom Diet

Stars and Sprigs

A couple of things happened this past week that have me in a tizzie...actually 3 things.  First, Lori and I counted our BOM's and BOW's!!!  Secondly Mari from Madras asked me how I was coming along with Stars and Sprigs (I have not finished month 1) ...and Thirdly, I straightened out my sewing room yesterday!!!!!  I am sooooooo back on the FABRIC DIET!!!  Do you hear me Anne and Sandy!!!!  No, not just the fabric diet but the BOM, BOW and KIT Diet.  I have decided to call it the Boom Boom Diet because it looks like an explosion happened in my sewing room!  Well, there is one little caveat...if I need something to complete a project I can get it...but I cannot purchase anything new!!! hummmm...let's see I lasted from January to April on the last stretch....I really don't want to be known as the Octomom of BOM's  and when I listed them I came up with 7!!!!  Hummm, a reality show called Octoquilter might help the finances???? 

I promised you an extraordinary slide show.  QuiltWorks of Bend is known for their wonderful Quilt Gallery and Open House with rotating quilt exhibits the first Friday of each month.  The July show was fabulous.  The local talent continues to astound.  Enjoy! 

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