Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweet Exhaustion...

Shopping in Sisters and especially at the Stitchin' Post is always an adventure...ran into this guy who really appreciates quilts! lol  not really...I didn't run into him...but, I am sure he appreciates quilts because he is on the cover of the Men and Quilts Calendar that can be purchased at the Stitchin' Post!

This week has been amazing and exhausting...I am definitely gonna need a nap (soon)!  Have you ever seen a dog chase it's tail...envision me doing the same thing...not pretty.  I opened a package from Primitive Gatherings and immediately went to..."what the hey is this???  I didn't order this...what is the name of this??? oooohhhh yeah....I am signed up for the Christmas Gatherings BOM.  Phew...thought I was going crazy!  Then yesterday I saw a package from Bird Brain...I know I didn't order anything from them this month!!!  As soon as I saw the pattern I was stumped...yes, I really really wanted it...but I thought I had my big girl panties on and refrained from ordering it...but, wait...maybe I did???  I am looking at the shipping paper work and I'm not losing my mind!!!  In fact I am the luckiest girl around.  My bestie Colleen had ordered it for me!!!  I remember wishing on the blog that I really needed/wanted it!  Colleen you are the heart of my heart! Thank you!!!!!!!

I have so many photos of amazing art and people that it is going to have to be posted over several days...cause guess what!  The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is today!!!   The slide show is a peek at the Stitchin' Post Quilt Shop and the lecture that my sis, Robin and I attended on the the collaborative art of water colorist Kathy Deggendorfer and quilt artist Toney Phillips.  How lucky for us that they like working together! lol  I apologize for the quality of the photos as it was a slide show in a darkened auditorium.  

Enjoy and I wish you all could be here in is amazing! 

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