Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sue Spargo at Quilter's Affair Sisters, Oregon

What can I say...yesterday was all cake!  Val, Robin and I were signed up for Sue Spargo's Circle Class.  We showed up with our homework done...but found out there was a reason not to fuse...oh well, so our pieces weren't as poofy as everybody else's.  Live and learn.  The class was full and our table included Kathleen from Alameda (who checks in on the Woolie lucky to meet a fellow Woolie), Vicki from Salem, Oregon and Judy from Alabama!  The perfect complement of personalities.  The class proved to be exactly what I was looking to make those unusual embroidery stitches on wool.  I am excited about using what I learned today on the wool flower basket I was working on a few weeks ago!  Since I love the Prim look it will be fun to see how the variety of stitches can be used on my projects.

If you like wool and are really going to love the slide show.  I took many close ups of the stitches so I could refer to them later.  We also did some shopping after class but that slide show will have to wait till tomorrow...cause there is just soooooo much to enjoy!

The schedule tomorrow includes lunch in Sisters with Robin and my sis...then a lecture by Tonye Phillips and Kathy Deggendorfer!  I can't wait to introduce my sis to the World of Quilting!

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