Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stalkin' The Good Life, Fabric Stalker Style seems...soooo quiet the week after Quilt Show.  It's all good, because if you had that activity level every would never get a quilt made!  I am still reflecting back on the weeks activity and wanted to share with you the potluck that the Fabric Stalkers had at Val's.  First I have to share...we never gather the boys together.  In all the years we have been seeking friendship and support, it never included the guys...until now.  Quilt Week was in full swing and our youngest Fabric Stalker was coming home to enjoy a reprieve from life in Nebraska and we had to get together.  Val decided it would be nice to include the guys....and it was!  We had a great time sitting outside, talking, laughing, eating and drinking some of Joel's home brewed beer.

Since Lind's was in town we decided this was the day to wrap up the Flippin' Bird Challenge.  For those of you who are recent Woolies you can click on the links below to get the history and progress of the Flippin'  Birds.

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You have got to check out Lindsey's Etsy site, she will be posting photos of those bags available as she makes them!  Remember...Lindsey was the designer who made my Paris bag

you can find her on Lindsey's Etsy Shop