Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quiet River...the Half Way House

It became apparent that Quiet River has become a Half Way House for BOM and BOW addicts.  It seems with the short retreat that we brought our BOM's & BOW's in hopes that we could make some head way in a short period of time.  The photo loading is slow here as the internet access is limited so tomorrow I will have more photos of projects.

I can never pass up this photo of Rob with her head lamp...I keep thinking I need one of those but when I see her with it reminds me too much of the OR...or a coal miner.

The sista's are power sewing for a week together but took time out to do a little here.  Irene is quilting and Julie (from the Bay Area) is hand stitching her BOW.

The Giggle Girls Nancy and Lori are working on their Tonye Phillips projects from the class they took at Quilter's Affair!  Nancy is determined to actually finish a project from the Quilter's Affair in the same month she took the class...a first!

It is warm this the 80's.  We have never stayed here this time of year, always in the winter time, so it is a new experience.  Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!