Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pondering Pools of Thought

Todays post is just filled with things that came out of my Pondering Pool of  brain and, if you only want quilting move on till tomorrow! lol

When I received  a text from my oldest son that included the word "Aurghhh" and this photo of my sweet grandson...I knew my dad's sense of humor had been genetically passed on...and I nearly spit.  My poor grandchildren do not have a my father kept my sis and I on our toes with his antics and humor. And so, my sons will keep their children living life full speed ahead and into the wind!  Leave the women and children and take the fabric Maties!!!

There was much discussion about retirement... after all, it was Lori's retirement gathering and most of the attendees were looking to that future existence.  I am all about the quote below...I rarely am lost because I am never alone.  Which brings to mind a story where I was standing at night on the corner in downtown San Francisco with some girlfriends (and no, we were not working).  We were trying to figure out how to get to the Marina for dinner...when a limo pulled up.  The window was down and the limo driver was yelling at the crowds of people on the street but, I was the only one who heard him.  So, I yelled back..."Are you talkin' to ME?"  He said, " want a ride?"  to which I replied, " How much?"  He yelled, "2 bucks a person."  So I opened his door and yelled to my girlfriends..."Get In...we are riding in style."  Some times "Life" is about listening to your heart and creating your own story.

I have been saving this photo that my long time bestie Colleen sent me of the Alien Queen being transported down Hwy 101 in California.  Of course Colleen's younger brother who owned a movie theater at the time of his passing was a huge movie memorabilia buff...and over the last few years since his passing she has been sifting through the massive amount of the collection with the intent to pass them on to others who have a burning desire to have the Alien Queen in their living room. I do believe she (The Alien Queen) was going to be living in Monterey.   In my former blog life I wrote about Andy...after all he was the one who taught me about true love. 

HH came home one day and said he had seen a funny sign out on the road...Cheap Chicken Monday...4 legs 4 thighs for $4.99.  Well I am sorry but I know for a fact that this girlfriend is not eating any chicken with the name "Cheap."  A funnier sign would have been Cheap Breast Monday $4.99 per boob! LOL  Hummm wonder if these chickens are cheap because they don't have breast?

Anyhoo, that is the end of my thoughts in the Pondering Pool...I need to kick back and relax a little...because starting life is going to be running on full octane!