Friday, July 20, 2012

HELP!!! Me Locate A Quilter

When my sis and I saw this quilt we both thought of mom and wanted to hang it at Quiet River.  For those new to the blog my mom passed away last year...and although we have been limping along without her powerful personality in our lives...we cannot deny she went out with a bang!  At 81 yrs of age and the Commodore of the Elkhorn Yacht Club she had a heart attack while competing in the Double Angle Race between the Monterey, Santa Cruz and Moss Landing Yacht Clubs.  If you knew my mom or knew of her, you would understand how happy she was to have brought out the Coast Guard to bring back the vessel of her personality!  So...back to the was For Sale! and my sister snatched the "buy" tag before anyone else could get this fabulous quilt!  I would like to let the creator of the quilt know where it went and why we purchased it...and to send her the participation ribbon.  So if anyone out there knows Helen May of Corvallis, Oregon who made the Sailor's Delight...please let me know her address!

Today I am heading over to Quiet River.  I took my projects over yesterday and am ready to prep, prep, prep!!!  I am going to try and get caught up on my BOW's!!!  I am also going to be tacking the binding on my July UFO!  I can't wait to see what everyone else will be working on...and, I am very excited to see Julie, our "out of state" Fabric Stalker!  HH and Enzo are going camping...lions, and tigers and bears...oh my...well actually, it will be coyotes, and deer and antelope...oh yeah!

have a wonderful Friday and I hope you have big plans this weekend!