Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Heat Wave

Well we have been having a heat wave...not a tropical one...since there isn't any humidity here.  But a  heat wave nether the less.  Seems during Quilt Show week we either have a heat wave or a forest fire...we'll take the heat any day!

When I have gotten a chance to get in the sewing room I have been working on a project...can't show you yet but, pretty soon.  I am on the precipice of giving up diet soda....this was the last can.  It shouldn't be hard because I have been successful before. But I do love drinking a diet soda and eating sunflower seeds while working in my sewing room...some habits are hard to break!  Do you have any eating or drinking habits while you are sewing?

Today I head over to Sisters for my Sue Spargo class!  I got the heads up from another quilting friend that they were not running the air conditioner so it would keep up with the has been in the 90's!  you know...the...90's!!!  so I am bringing my personal fan which in all it's cute redness should provided at the very least...air circulation! And best of all I get to open that little packet that said...don't open!  See what a great student I am!  I am ready and I didn't open the little packet!  Wish me luck and tomorrow I will have photos of a fabulous class!