Monday, June 4, 2012

The Winners!

Doom Squirrel said, "Hey Enzo????  Have your heard yet???? Who are the Winners of the Retirement Celebration GiveAway?"

Phsssttt! Hey you...I got the low down...just come a little closer?

The Winners are...

1. JulieF1962 who said, "Congratulations on your retirement! I'm sure you will find lots of fun things   
    to keep you busy!"
2.  Barbara who said, "Congratulations on your retirement! Oh how I am longing to be able to say that
     about myself!"....
3.  Paulette who said, "Yahhhhhh! Congratulations Anna! You are going to LOVE retirement...."
4.  Coral who said, "Congratulations on your retirement, from a new reader."
5.  Darlene who said, "Congratulations on your retirement. Remember to relax and enjoy this new 

All I need now is your mailing addresses and your winnings will be sent!  Thank you Keith, manager of Hancock Fabrics in Bend, Oregon for the sponsoring the Give Away!

I have been working on prepping my first applique block for my Stars and Sprigs Quilt.  Anne makes it look so easy.  She probably would have already had 6 blocks to my 1 block....which isn't even ready for stitching.  But, I do have to say that I love this method.  I have taught needle turn Hawaiian Applique at the Quilter's Affair in years past but Anne's method looks better and feels much easier to accomplish! Although as you can see it takes more supplies to accomplish.  It is relaxing to do while listening to book on CD.   I shall keep plugging along! 

Have a wonderful Monday!