Friday, June 22, 2012

Trolley Info

I was asked to go into more detail about the Trolley Needle.  I have not used it yet but am anticipating that I will become a trolley expert!  It is designed to slip on your index finger and thus becomes an attached stylus.  It is made out of metal and is flexible in a one size fits all adjustment.  You can move fabric around to re-position without upsetting the entire layout, use it like a traditional appliquer might use a toothpick...or it is also used to control thread when needlepointing.  If you use glue when appliqueing it will not harm the metal surface.

Easy to lift fabric to apply additional glue.

you could go Edward Trolley Hands and get one for each finger!

...or, at Happy Hour you could use it to enjoy your very favorite Castelvetrano Olives...they are my favorites!

I figure I will use it when I get around to prepping my month 2 of Stars and Sprigs!  I ordered mine online through Nancy's Notions! I don't know about you but I am having some difficulty staying in my sewing room with the sun out...I was born to Patty!