Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Postal Love!

For those of you that have been around the Woolie blog since last summer...you know how I felt about my postal person and my postal box.  To make a long story short for the newbies, I had such a stressful summer with all that was going on in the family unit that I could not keep up with my BOW's or BOM's.  The way I dealt with it was to not pick up my mail.  My postal person would stuff it...I mean stuff it to the gills and when I would finally get up the courage to go down the road to get it I would have to put one foot on the postal box and pull!  Oh yeah...I am talking full.  But a lot changes in a year and I am entering summer with a whole lot less stress...and I am...retired!!!!  Oh yeah, I had to say it!  Today I practically skipped to the postal box and it was filled with "postal love!"

A congratulations on your retirement card from my childhood bestie, Colleen and she picked out my favorite artist.  Curly Girl Designs...love her stuff!  This is the front of the card and I truly believe given a cape and a nice tiara I could not only save the world...but rule it!!!LOL

Then I opened a surprise!!!!  OMG I could not believe it!  One of the Woolie followers saw some fabric I posted on the blog, called the shop, ordered some and told them where they saw it!  Vicki as a thank you for supporting her shop send me a gift card!!!  I could not believe it!!!  Thank you Vicki fro BJ's Quilt Basket and thank you Sandy for letting them know you saw it on the Woolie!

Drum roll....yes!!!! yes!!! yes!!...it arrived!  Primitive Gatherings BOW's first block and the little freebie block!  I love them both!!! and can't wait to get started.

It is looking like this summer I am going to be all about "postal love."  I have lots to look forward to this summer!