Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh My Aching Back

Well I played it close to home yesterday...because of my aching back!  The trip a couple of weeks ago to SF resulted in a flare up of an old back injury.  I was babying it along...especially while in Disneyland.  It was really starting to get better until yesterday when a bout of stretching exercises cause a flare up of epic proportions!  A trip to the clinic resulted in instructions of things to do until my appointment with the doctor on Monday.  #1, ice it!  and take some Motrin.

HH came home for lunch and gave me the appropriate amount of sympathy and told me he would cook dinner if I would defrost something.  Hummm, quilters are used to figuring out short I decided to use the frozen chicken as an ice pack! LOL

Put the frozen chicken in the freezer bag and then wrapped it in a towel bag.  It was perfect and almost defrosted by the time HH got home!

I have been trying something new with this wool project.  Instead of a blanket stitch or whip stitch I have been trying out some embroidery stitches and it has been fun and adds some interesting texture to the project!  I am becoming a brave woolie...just in time for the Quilter's Affair and my Sue Spargo class!

I'm hoping my back feels up to some quilting today because I can hear my room calling my name!