Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not Jet Lag...Disney Lag!

I am still waiting for that feeling of being retired.  The only time I feel retired is when I look at my checking account and there is no every 2 week deposit! lol  Yesterday I had breakfast with Robin and then spent the rest of the day taking care of business, going through the mail and a couple of meetings...but today...I plan on some sewing time!  Because....I got mail!  Yes, while I was gone my mailbox was filling up, not only bills, junk mail...but goodies!!!  I received week 2 of the Primitive Gatherings BOW along with the freebie block.  Also my pack of Wool of the Month...had to do this after hearing from Fabric Stalker Julie that she loved getting those packs of wool. Then there was the Trolley Needle as suggested by Anne and Kim!  This item is going to make me applique better, lol.  Totally forgot that I had signed up for Primitive Gathering Christmas BOM...yeah!!!!  So I have lots to keep me busy! 

A few more Disney shots to my son and DIL want to ground me for allowing all this sugar ingestion! lol

This was by far my favorite ride...absolutely amazing!  This ride would "almost" make me want to go back again!

My second favorite thing at Disney was the Asimo show.  Truly incredible to watch and I included the video here so you could enjoy it without the millions of people!

We couldn't come back without bringing back some Mickey Ears for little brother Wyatt...he really is the cutest Mouseketeer!

Will be slowly getting back into the "Quilt Talk!"  I swear...thank you for the welcome backs, I really missed you!