Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jibber Jabber Day

Today I officially reached my first week of retirement and I am as busy as ever just not stressed about getting everything done.  I was able for the first time to ride "Patty" (scooter) down to the Farmer's Market which occurs every Wednesday downtown...and I USED to work every Wednesday.  So much fun since the sun peeked out. Even if it was chilly and I had 3 layers on.  Spring landscaping work is almost done with the final bark dust being laid in the flower beds.  From now on it is puttering in the garden rather than that intense Spring clean up.

Tomorrow I fly down to California for a business meeting and to attend the memorial service for my mom's companion.  Yesterday was his birthday and Friday is mom's...boy, how life has changed in a year. I know we have all heard it over and over again...but "Carpe Diem." In preparation for the trip I decided to prep the 3 applique blocks from month "one" of my Stars and Sprigs BOM.  I do believe I have 7 months worth stacked up! Yikes!!!  Each month includes, 3 pieced star blocks and 3 applique blocks.  I have month one's pieced blocks done but was stumped on the applique because I did not want to do needle turn applique. Then  Anne gave me the applique prep tutorial.  I also discovered this little tool that I had purchased a few years ago to make bias strips.  I never opened the package until this week.  This quilt is filled with bias strip and I  dreaded making them.  After reading the instructions and getting a tip from Sandy to spray starch the bias fabric strips... I was amazed...and just had to show you!

That little green thing is the bias strip maker!  also needed my Best Press and an awl.

I cut a 1/2 bias strip of fabric for stems, sprayed it with starch and pushed it through the little bias maker with the awl.

Then I turned it over and with my little clover iron I pressed as I slide the green bias maker backwards.

As I continued to slide the green thingy backwards and iron what was coming out I ended up with a bias stem all ready for stitching!!  All I did next was use a spare amount of Rosanne's Glue Baste-it to attach my pieces to the background.

Finally...after all the worry about this BOM, month one's applique blocks are prepped for stitching!  I am using silk thread, one color for stitching.  No needle turn...already turned under and ready for stitching....I am sooo tickled about this!

I can now see a future where a Stars and Sprigs Quilt will be hanging in my home!!!