Saturday, June 30, 2012

Full Friday

Yesterday was a full day filled with wonderful moments.  Look at this cup of coffee made by the barista at one of my favorite coffee shops downtown, Thump!  you know...caffeine makes your heart go thump! lol  I was meeting my cousin for a quick catch-up girl time...I love whatever small moment we can eck out together.

From there I went to pick up Anne for some girl talk, lunch and shopping!  I took her to my favorite casual organic restaurant, Jackson Corner.  We hadn't seen each other in over a week and the next week looks to be just as busy as her grand-kids are coming back down with the parental, we cut out this little bit of girlfriend time.  Needless to say there was lots to catch up on!!  After lunch we headed over to the Iron Horse and eclectic recycle of furniture and geegaws...and look what I found!  This fabulous box...for only $20!!!  I plan on repainting it red but leave some of the blue showing by using Sandy's wax paint technique.  Awesome huh!

...and then off to the builders...our retirement home is going to become a reality.  Someday in the near future they will break ground...and, I will be looking at this view...pinch me...I think I am dreaming!

This morning I am heading to BJ's Quilt Basket for the Freebie BOM program.  My blocks are done and I am ready!  For the first time I am totally prepared for the meeting, no stress..ahhhh.