Monday, June 25, 2012

The Book of Ruth

hummmm, yes that is the hum of a good day!  I finally was able to spend sometime in my sewing room.  Reacquainting myself with my sewing chair and machine.  I realized that June was just about to say goodbye and I had not finished a "June UFO."  I decided to quilt a table runner.  A couple of years ago my fellow Fabric Stalker Lori and I went through a "table runner" period whenever we were on retreat.  We made 1-2 table runners...between us I think we have every table runner pattern ever made.  They give you instant...well, almost instant gratification.  You get to use up some fabric, most work well with charm packs and they don't take a lot of brain power.  The only issue is that you can end up with a pile of table runner tops really fast! lol Spending the afternoon quilting and listening to "The Witness" was almost perfect...but perfection really lay ahead of me!

The early evening I was picked up by my friends Val and Robin and headed to book club which was being held in God's Country!  We rotate homes for our book club and this month's was at Ruth's Place.  A sheep farm in Tumalo, a small community right outside of Bend.  She lives in a historic farm house which still has some of the original features.  When you stand on the front porch it just takes your breath away!  And the best part...she is a quilters also!

As it seems with all quilters, we are apologetic about the size or disarray of our sewing rooms.  But geesh, Ruthie...look at your view!  Unfortunately I was so excited about going that I forgot my camera.  These photos were taken with my phone which was almost out of slide show!

Here is a photo of Ruth, who is absolutely a bundle of good humor and common sense.  She is an OR nurse educator by trade, a quilter by passion and a sheepherder with Rod...her DH.

She set a beautiful table for dinner and the eats were unbelievable...beside the hor'devores, we're talking about a 10lb vegetarian lasagna and chocolate bread pudding with ice cream for dessert!

No, it was not made on this stove!  but is this not an awesome focal point and look at that wall hanging behind it!

I fell in love with this hooked pillow!  She didn't make it but she was smart enough to buy it!

Can you see a theme here...she and Rod like Sheep! LOL

There are lovely little corners throughout her home which display a wealth of family love and history.

Although she says her sewing room is tiny and she plans on reorganizing and moving it into the room next door...really, look at the view outside her quilt room...WOW

Today I head to the MG's (Material Girls) which means great conversation and some handwork!  Hope your Monday is wonderful!