Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Jibber Jabber Day!

What started out as a day where I would eventually make it into my sewing room turned into another busy day.  Started out cutting HH's hair...I have cut his hair since the day we were married almost 35 years ago.  I like cutting his hair.  I told him, "someday the haircuts might start to not look so good but, by then his eyesight would be such they he couldn't tell!" lol  He said...yeah but others will see it!  I said, "they'll be too polite to make a comment to 2 old people!"  Afterwards we attended a homeowners meeting in the community where we own a lot...boy was that ever interesting.  The meeting went a whole lot longer than we thought it would.  Busy, busy, busy...driving on the phone and computer...finally at 3:30 I approached my sewing room....ahhhhh.  It was a disaster but I loved just walking in and cleaning.

I hadn't been in my room for over 2 weeks! While having my morning coffee and reading Sweet P's blog she was listening to a John Grisham novel...this photo has what I found on my sewing table!  I love to listen to book on CD while playing in my sewing room.  During cleaning I put on the first disc of The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts.  I made it half way through one disc before way...I give a CD book a half a disc to capture me or I move on...for paper books I give it 5 chapters. Life's too short to waste on a book you can't get into.  

I also created this tower of project boxes...Huston, we may have a problem!  Oh well, I love all my projects and at least now it is somewhat organized.  But, I did realize that for now...I can not fit another project in this space.  Time to start chipping away at my project list.  I have it fairly organized and the best part...I cleaned all the lint out of my sewing machine, even took out the bobbin casing and cleaned!  Put in a new needle! and am now ready to start piecing...when ever I get the time! lol  I think tomorrow after I am done working on business stuff I am going to prep a bunch of wool projects!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and that it includes a little sewing is so good for the soul!