Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ahhhh Saturday

I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut time to even answer emails but I will this hang in there with me.  I finally got my dining room table cleared off.  It was piled with paperwork and mail.  I can actually see that beautiful wool table runner I made!  I was asked by friend and Woolie follower, Cakers to post a big photo when I posted the Free Ornament of the months...finally here is June's!  Isn't it adorable!  Just click on the photo of the ornament on the right side bar and you are taken to the instructions.  Robin really has such a wonderfully creative mind!

Since I have nothing quilt related to show you because the only thing I am working on is a wedding embroidery present in the evening and I can't show that to you until it is done...dang...I thought I would share some photos from my cousin's wedding last weekend.  While we were down at Disneyland we took a break Saturday evening to attend my cousin's wedding.  Yep, she is my cousin. My mother was the oldest sibling and I am the oldest while I am retired I have cousins who are still not married or have children...and I can attest that is can be difficult to be around a whole crowd of in beeeeuuuuuutiful people and know they are related! lol

Isn't she absolutely gorgeous!  What can I say, some of us got the funny gene  instead of the beauty gene!

You don't believe are two more of my cousins! That little guy, Troy....that's his mom!  Can you believe that body gave birth to 2 children!  Whaaaaaa!

....and 3 more...stop already...and that is only a small fraction of them...I didn't want to feel bad when I see this blog. lol  Actually these 3 are my second cousins...their dad's are my cousins.

Ahhhh, and here is the cousin photo most of us are here....dang good looking crowd.

Today I at least step into my sewing room....wish me luck!