Thursday, May 3, 2012

You, You, You...It's All About You!

One of the benefits of writing a daily blog is the encouragement and stimulation I get on a daily basis from the Woolie followers.  Although it is hard to imagine being bored with the life I am living...I do get tired of my own story, drama, UFOs and WIPs.  And, I love hearing your drama! lol  Yes, us humans like to know we aren't walking this life alone.  I love being able to say..."no have how many kits!?" or " don't have time to quilt cause you are the touchstone in your family!  Me too!"

You have been generous enough to send me photos of what you have been working on and sharing the walk you are walking.  Cause girlfriends, I need to know that we are all in this together!

Here are some photos sent by a couple of Woolie followers that I know you will enjoy!  

Mary (Cornwoman to all of you checking out the comments) made this ditty bag as a gift for her granddaughter and filled it with items that any young girl would love!  Great gift idea!

This is her March UFO.  I love the yellow and green, reminds me of sunflowers!  And what a great idea to make the quilting be the focal point.  I have some wonderful quilt templates that I have collected over the years which would be awesome as a wall hanging.

One of our local quilters "Mari from Madras" as she is known made these next 2 penny rugs.  She is a prolific wooler and never fails to have something for show 'n tell!

I love this one...Flakes from Heaven!

Enjoy your Thursday...after all it is the only Thursday this week!