Friday, May 4, 2012

Toot, Toot, Toot...

...and I am not talking about farting, or for those with sensitive dispositions "faire passer le gaz".  I am going to have to practice saying that because as I get older it seems a problem and at least in France it will sound so much better to say, "excusez-moi de faire passer le gaz!"....ah, but I got off I am going to give you a short toot (tutorial).  Earlier I had a Transfer eze tutorial but wasn't able to show you what I do with bigger projects.  My next project is a fabulous pattern by Kathy Schmitz one of my favorite embroidery designers.  The entire project used four  8 x10 pieces of transfer eze.  For me  it was worth using transfer eze rather than having to trace all the detail with a light box.  I used one of those big office printers, placed my pattern on the glass and slipped the sheet of transfer eze in the paper tray.  

Once I had my 4 segments printed on the transfer eze I trimmed them on the dotted line that prints out   and around any motif that crossed the dotted line.

this way I could overlap and interweave the two segments, matching up the design on my fabric.  Once I figured out how they would line up I peeled the back of the transfer eze gently, placed on the fabric lifting the pieces I wanted to weave and then smacked it down!  I can't show you the entire piece yet because it is a present...and something should be left a mystery.

The second "toot" is about this antique spray.  I like an antique-prim look and thought I had found the perfect solution to giving my fabric an aged appearance.  When I first used it I was disappointed because it not only sprayed a fine mist but bigger dots.  I didn't like this look so it stayed on my shelf until I decided to test run it again.  I wanted the project above to have a little older look so I test sprayed a piece of my fabric.

see what I am talking about...I don't like those big dots.

The I discovered that if I sprayed and quickly wiped with a piece of cloth the dots disappeared and I got the old look to my fabric!

Today is First Friday at QuiltWorks!  QuiltWorks hosts a First Friday Gallery Reception from 5PM to 7PM and all contemporary fabrics* will be 20% off!

We'll honor Featured Quilter Dianne Browning as well as The Quilter's Sew-Ciety Quilt Guild of Redding, California for their spectacular "River of Quilts" exhibit.

Plus, Mary Ann will provide fabulous appetizers and beverages, and at 6PM, Marilyn will announce the door prize winners!