Monday, May 14, 2012

Same Old Worn Out Blah Blah Story....NOT...

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I had a wonderful weekend! How about you?  The weather was perfect.  This is one of my favorite songs....even though the lyrics may not speak to my current existence...I think I like it because in the face of difficulty the catchy beat makes you sing and dance! lol   By no means has life been a cake walk but, there hasn't been much that I have not wanted that I didn't work hard to make happen.  No bragging, just sayin' no matter the up or downs we ALL are the master of our universe!  I find that in children's movies there is always a great message or lesson...most adult movies are usually filled with drama, stupidity and OMG's...anyhoo in my favorite movie Shrek, he says there are many layers to his onion.  We should all experience life, adding layer after layer to our onion...we may stink...but we would be interesting! lol

This past Saturday I added another layer to my onion.  HH took me out target shooting.  He wanted me to try out my dad's old army rifle.  He set up skeet target on a hillside, showed me how to rack, load and ready.  Here is the thing...quilters have a keen eye for the quarter inch.  We really are pretty darn accurate...needless to say, I shocked him.  Once dialed in I nailed those targets, even blowing the center out of one without breaking the ring...Yep, don't mess with a quilter!  Enzo waits in the car while we target shoot but don't feel bad for him we went on a 3 miles hike first!

Look at this pine tree in the grove where we hung out...struck by lightening...amazing.

A little book second favorite thing to do besides quilting is reading.  This book is fascinating and really makes you think about the trash we are accumulating.  

Here is my completed project for the weekend.  I made a little wool pincushion for Robin...after all she is a Mother!

Lastly a little giggle.  My youngest son sent me this Mother's Day card...I am going to wear this button everywhere. But I especially like the script...I told him I am not giving it back!  Unfortunately my DIL was celebrating by herself up in Portland because my oldest son was working till 8:45 PM  hope he made time for a little foot massage, she deserves it!