Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Muses of an beautiful mind???....

I come by my "beautiful mind" genetically.  Both my dad and mom had brains that never rested and lucky for me...found each other.  On the other hand my sons are lucky that I found HH because with him, they and myself found some peace.  Since the last 36 hours have been non stop busy and I haven't so much as picked up a needle...except for the embroidery I am working on for a wedding present which I can't show that to you till after the wedding. random information day!  I know that although this is a quilting blog and most if not all of you are probably do not quilt every day.  Well, some of you might have a life that includes a little stitching every day...I envy you!  The closest I get to quilting every day is this blog, LOL!  But, during the course of the day I gather bits a pieces of thoughts...that I wonder about...Like...

...the photo below.

I leave for work at 5:00 in the morning.  Enzo knows by the sequence of my activities "this" day is not going to include him.  I have noticed that he has gotten increasing depressed on these days.  Non-dog people would say, "hogwash, dogs don't get depressed"  but I know they do!  HH leaves for work at 7:00 AM and before he leaves he put Enzo out on the big deck so he can watch for squirrels and golfers while we are gone.  He puts Enzo's food dish out there also, hoping he will eat it...which on the days I work, Enzo refuses to eat!  Much to my surprise when I got home from work not only was his breakfast untouched but the 2 TREATS that HH gave him at lunch time (I am gone 10 hours, HH in gone in 3-4 hr segments for a total of 9 hrs).  At first, I was worried he was sick but when he saw me he was so excited...barking and jumping around. (I swear I would be a DIVA if every male got this excited when I walked into the room!)  When I got a drink and sat down on the deck with him, he ate the entire bowl and both treats...a hour later he was hungry for dinner and ate that also!  This happens 2 days a week!  It is a good thing I am going to be home more often...least he would require some pharmaceutical intervention!

I got this card from my long time childhood bestie...just because  (I love girlfriends, they make you smile when you are sad).  I was looking at this card yesterday and thought to myself...I like to be "the planner" of where I go so I should be the dog steering the scooter...after all I have a scooter.  But, when I looked at the photo the other dog's expression is more like me after all I did the other day on my scooter swallow a bug!  I now ride with my mouth closed but I can't help smiling!

I stopped subscribing to magazines a couple of years ago except for Primitive Quilts and Project and then this month on a whim chose to subscribe to FOLK.  The pages feel like Primitive Quilts...more like a bookazine than a magazine...and the photographs are beautiful!  Filled with gardening, cooking, decor and crafts with a American  country & Southern influence.  

This morning I am also cleaning up the blog list.  I like to keep up on blogs that write regularly, at least every couple of weeks if not more frequently so I am taking off some blogs and adding some blogs.  Not all have to do with quilting but they are about living!  Enjoy!