Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Conversation Day

Random Conversation Day sounds like it is planned and organized when in fact all it means is I didn't get to pick up a needle so I don't have any "Quilt Talk."  When I am with my "girlfriends" I am laughing out loud all the time which is according to medical literature good for your heart.  The only draw back as you age is that when you laugh really hard you sometimes give a little toot...I know, you know what I am talking about!

For me, beside my girlfriends, Betty White is an inspiration in the aging with an attitude and I love it!  I read an article in our local paper and it might have been in yours about a guide to aging healthily and happily written by an 93 year old.  She has a few rules for inspirational aging and I will sum them up because they really are great.

1.  Try to view the inevitable losses of aging through a prism of optimism, curiosity and humor.
2.   Exercise the body every day.
3.   Use your brain
4.   Keep your sense of humor
5.   Dress well every day  (no sweats or house dresses)
6.   Find a theme song (make it something cheerful)
7.   Leave the door open for love (love can happen even more intensely at this age because your time     
      is short and you know it)
8.   Offer a cheerful greeting (never ask "how are you" you'll just hear a bunch of complaints)
9.   Have a conversation starter (stay current on the news)
10.  Plan you day, every day (you can have a fuller life because you time is your own)

Now on to the other random muses of someone who has not quilted in 24 hours...Enzo.  Enzo is a dramatic squirrel warrior when I am home.  Defending the bird feeders from the Doom Squirrel.  At the mention of a squirrel he will bolt to the door, barking with teeth bared.  What I have found out though is that when I am not home he is the ultimate slacker employee!  Lying around, yawning while the squirrels raise havoc on the deck and bird feeders!  We keep our seed in this hard bucket on the deck without any problems.  But Doom Squirrel has been testing the security system for a week now and discovered that Enzo is no Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible...but in fact is like more like Chester on Gunsmoke....which resulted in this mess when I got home.  I would fire Enzo but his union rep says that I first have to file 3 disciplinary warning...This is #ONE!

Hope your Thursday is filled with joy, laughter and some stitching!