Monday, May 7, 2012


HH and I headed to Portland to get a grand kid fix, get together with our youngest son's future in laws and for HH to get fitted for a tuxedo. We stayed at the Inn at Northrup Station or as my oldest grandson calls it, the Dr. Suess hotel! You can tell why from these photos. The only draw back is when we stay here Enzo can't hoo, but I ask each and every time...just in case they have changed their policy.

It was a beautiful weekend and we loved sitting out on the deck. I made portobello/onion/red bell pepper stuffed quesadillas for dinner...yum!

Emily's mom got to share the grandma duties and is all ready whenever her daughter is too!

And look at Em's dad! One handed and a baby round up pro!!

HH whispers secrets to Wyatt...someone is gonna be a stinker!

Oh yeah we got a baby fix while our oldest grandson built a fort on the bed and watched Ghostbusters on the IPad. Enough with the baby talk...tomorrow I'll start a 3 day blog with just shopping...Hollyhills, Throughly Modern Milly, Pickleweed, Stella's, Portland...boy am I pooped!

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