Friday, May 25, 2012

Jackpot "Wool" Bingo

Sandy and I are blessed to have our life line to Quilt Market.  Even though Anne was working hard helping Anne Sutton of Bunnyhill with her market booth she did have time to remember us wool addicts left at home.  Yesterday was shopping day at Anne's...or...wool bingo!  For a split second when I saw the pile of wool I fell like jumping and sailing across the room, landing in a mosh pit of wool...can you visualize it! LOL

In reality Sandy and I were able to behave, share and use our "big girl" sharing tools...well, at least we tried...

Look at this gorgeous pile of wool!  I am most excited about the  light colored wools, they are so hard to find!

I am currently fixated on pincushions.  They are so much fun, easy to stitch while watching Gunsmoke (I'm starting to fall in love with Matt Dillon).  I made as a birthday gift for a friend.  

Today,  Enzo gets a haircut while I head over to Sisters with a girlfriend to participate in the birthday celebration at the Stitchin' Post...which means Slideshow tomorrow!