Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Am Just A Material Girl...

It had been almost a year since I attended the Monday sew group known as the Material Girls.  MG's for short. Last year in May mom got sick and then with her passing in September I have had neither the time nor the emotional fortitude for a whole lot...but, I missed them.  This group of women have been meeting in Bend since the 1990's with participants coming and going.  The location has changed over the years and has now settled into the Deschutes Historical Museum. They meet every Monday but once a month is the birthday potluck and this month also included the vote for the 2013 Challenge Quilt.  In recent years the group which is made up of all kinds of quilters throws down a challenge to each other to create a quilt based on a mutually decided theme.  This year, "Pinwheels."  hummmm, I like pinwheels....

Here are a few photos of some of the creation finished and in progress that showed up yesterday!  

A wonderful dramatic Tee shirt quilt made for Karen's grandson! With the left over emblems and fabric she made pillows also!

JoAnn (a birthday girl) is hand quilting this beautiful house quilt made from the left over fabrics from a kit that Marilyn  made...way to recycle!

Here is Linda, one of the birthday girls who showed up in her....hummm, feathers?  I cannot remember what that is called but she made it to wear on her cruise vacation with her sister-in-laws...the Queen wears one I know that...and Linda was the Queen for the Day...anyhoo, she was adorable!

WOW, what a stunner!  This quilt in progress is being made by one of Connor's Fairy Godmothers.  The applique is absolutely stunning.  I have decided that I want the "A" word a part of my life, after all my  name starts with an "A" and it makes sense that I would be spectacular with Applique because in the past I have been fabulous with "anxiety, anger, eating apples, answering questions..."  Yes, all things "A" I have been good at!

Isabella is working on a button hole applique quilt to hang over her door, so cute...see the goose pulling Santa (I think it would be funny to put some goose poop under the wagon because if there is one thing Bend is about...it's our goose poop!

Sue finished a patriotic wall hanging just in time for Memorial Day! 

These last two are by Catherine (hope her name started with a C?) This is a Haight Ashbury version of Bunny Hills "Raining Cats and Dogs" applique quilt!  She included all the dogs that have been in her life, how sweet!

Enzo and I have already been out for our walk.  I have one hanging basket to plant and then it is Wool Time.  Today is Woolies and I need to finish prepping a new project which I will debut tomorrow.  Also a notion of the month!!! ooooohhhh I know you can wait, nooootions.....