Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! Give Away Countdown!

This is my favorite photo of mom and I.  One of the gifts I had was the ability to make her laugh.  She was pretty much a seriously driven individual.  Although we did not have a perfect relationship I did work very hard throughout my adult years to build a loving relationship.  As challenging as it has been I know she really did love me and now I have arrived at my first mother's day an orphan. LOL  She told me one day I would miss her...and she was right.  My mom never had a moment of self doubt.  She would tell me regularly that I was sooooo lucky to have a mother like her.  As I grew up I learned how to talk with her...and in this photo where we are laughing so hard...she was telling me again how lucky I was to have a mother like her...and I was, no, are sooooo lucky to have a daughter like me! lol

Happy Mother's Day to you all...and no matter how challenging your mother was, thank god she carried you for nine months!  The alternative wouldn't have included quilting! lol

Tomorrow is Enzo's Birthday!!! and the last day to have your name to be placed in the dog dish for the