Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Stitchin' Post & Lori!

Yesterday was a BUSY day starting with a meeting at 8:00 AM...and of course it was pouring rain and snowing in Central Oregon.  Yes, snowing!  But if you can believe it by 11:00 the sun was out and the vegetation was happy with all that water and sun.  This trip cam photo was sent to me by HH who knew Lori and I were driving to Sisters for the birthday party.

Lori was going to make a killing at the quilt store because not only was it their annual sale but it was also her birthday month which means she received at further discount!  It was so busy that Jean Keenan Wells was cutting fabric.  It was funny because everyone was lined up behind her wanting their fabric to be cut...I think there might be a possibility that if she cuts your fabric all your points will be perfect! lol  Jeannie was purchasing fabric for the Tokyo Subway Quilt during Quilter's Affair with Elizabeth Hartman.  3 of the Fabric Stalkers are signed up in the same class...and boy have the rest of us been hearing about the cutting! 

Tamra who is an instructor, fabric cutter, and blog master gave a group of us a short lesson on an upcoming Fall class using an unusual ruler by Creative Grid.  Lori and I are going to try and fit that one in our schedules...cause we don't have that ruler! surprise, is inconceivable that we don't have every ruler out there! 

Here is Lori with her hands full of birthday purchases and a couple of local gals, Suzette and Susanne who also braved the weather for the love of fabric.  

I have to explain that I forgot my all the running around in the morning...I totally forgot it so these photos were taken with my phone, lol...not the best but at least you get a peek.  I loved the quilt below, it really was muted as in the photo.

The shop was filled with modern and fresh designs!

I had to get this kit so I could make a Christmas present for my cousin's daughters!  love my girls and don't get to see them enough not that they have moved over the hoo

This is an older quilt but a spectacular indicative of Central Oregon.  Same view that will be out my window someday.

some goodies on the Twigs side of the shop.  Lori is a knitter and so had double the fun.  I love anything that has words on it...I think I am going to put that on my list...a word quilt!

Wool!!! and not just any run of the mill wool but beautiful wool!  Our Robin is dying wool and will soon be getting her fledgling business started! Soon you will see her wool on these pages!

So here is the thing...I had a perfect day, started with business, then a trip to the dog groomers, headed out to Sisters with Lori, got a call from my DIL that she was heading over the mountain with my grandsons!!!, Lori and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with insightful conversation, came home where  we oogled over all that Anne brought back from market, picked up Enzo, went to another meeting, came home crunched numbers and then headed out to El Caporal  with HH where we were lucky enough to meet up with David.  HH and I love David...there are interesting people in the world if you just take the time to stop and converse.  We met David right in this spot about 4 years ago and have enjoyed conversation ever since.  He is now 81 years old and has an incredible wit and beautiful blue eyes.  We could sit all day listening to his story...he was a Spanish Interpreter for both the California state and the Federal Courts and has been a part of history.  As a young guy he graduated from college with a degree in Spanish...which led him down the path to a career that few are lucky to experience.  To be the fly on the wall of justice in progress!  Although he has written a manual on the interpretive services and their pitfalls in court which is still used today, we love listening to "his story". And although I have said over and over he needs to right a book I think he mostly enjoys the sharing person to person.

Occasionally, I realize that there is a person out there that is fascinating AND they are not a quilter! LOL Have a wonderful Saturday.