Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Give Away Celebration!!!

It is my last day working in the hospital!!!  I am officially retiring from my life as a Registered Nurse and  continuing on in a life that is wide open!  To Celebrate I am having a Give Away! and there will be 5 lucky winners!  Remember a few post back I talk about these amazing Clips !  Keith at Hancock Fabrics is sponsoring the Give Away by providing me with a box of 50!  I divided them up into groups of 10 which is perfect for tacking a may like them so much you will need to purchase full box of your own.  Included in the Give Away is a cute pouch to hold the clips and a variety of 6 quilt labels!!!  All you have to do is be a registered follower of the Woolie Blog, leave a comment in celebration!!! on Sunday Enzo's dog dish will cough up 5 winners!  Best Wishes!  If you have a blog please pass on the Give Away...retirement conga line!!!

Yesterday Lori and I went to Anne's house for a Applique Tutorial.  If you have ever seen Anne's applique you will know why we consider her the Queen of Applique!  I love this photo cause she is reprimanding Lori for not listening, ROFLOL...not really but it looks like we are in trouble...I of course was teacher's pet!  I am very excited about this because I have several months of the Stars and Sprigs BOM backed up and it is all applique!

I had to take photo of Anne's design wall because there is so much to admire and sooooo much to long for!  Yep, this girl is in deep! lol

I love her quilt many beautiful quilts!

This is her latest project, so beautiful!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, don't forget to sign up for the Give Away and pass on the news!