Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Countdown

It was such a great Monday.  I remember when I was a first out of college and had a job that was Monday - Friday I always had that feeling...on Sunday evening that Monday was coming, lol.  As a nurse, shift work and rotating schedules did away with that feeling.  Now, some Mondays are just wonderful.  We were blessed to have our grandson's and DIL for breakfast before they headed over the mountain...back home.  I may be a little partial (lol) but I think my guys are just the sweetest, cutest, most talented, awesome grandson's ever!

After Sarah and the boys left I started working on cleaning up my sewing room.  You know what that means...I created a mess and chaos!  I was trying to create more storage for my wool and that meant emptying out a bucket.  I found one that was filled with novelty scraps I was saving for I Spy quilts.  I spent the morning using my GO cutter and creating a pile of hexagons, 6 inch squares and 2.5 inch strips.  

Noontime I hopped on "Patty" and headed to meet Robin at the movies.  I have been waiting for months for the movie "The Exotic Marigold Hotel." It came out every where else on May 4th!  Finally, it showed up in Bend.  The theater was packed!  We laughed so hard and yet there were very poignant  moments.  Well worth the money!

Today I head over to Anne's for a "special" applique class.  I really need to get moving on my Stars and Sprigs and need a remedial class...cause I have another applique BOM starting to arrive in June!  Wish me luck that the teacher likes me!

Stay tuned!! tomorrow a big Celebration and Give Away!!