Thursday, May 17, 2012

Change...You Can Do It!

Right now it may be in only little ways you can make a may be only the soap you use on your skin...but each change makes a slight difference in the way you live.  The resistance you feel, to what I am saying, the I can't do that...I have just your start with soap.  Yesterday was my 3rd last day to work as a nurse.  I have 2 more to go before I am down to one job, instead of two.  Actually, 3 if you count running a household. But what woman gives herself the credit of that job!?  I saw this answer by the Dalai Lama on Pinterest...and I thought...I should have had a V-8!!!

So here is the little change I made last week in my life.  HH and I have drank old coffee for years.  We use a 12 cup coffee maker and because we are so busy we make the whole pot...FAAACCCT!...we drink it for 2 days, reheating it in the microwave.  I am not ashamed of worked, we were busy and we didn't care enough to take the time...after all for most days we get up at 4 AM...we can barely see at 4 AM.  My sister was appalled!  A year ago I started thinking about the process of coffee...good coffee and decided one day I would learn to make good coffee, create a ceremony of the tea ceremonies.  When I traveled overseas and visited a tea plantation I learned all about tea making and serving.  The temperature of the water, the leaves, the love and intention that creates a good cup of tea.  Why not do that with coffee.  I found the exact French Press RED coffee pot I wanted and I am here to tell only makes 2 fabulous cups of coffee.  It is a small change but...each step creates a different life.

So you are asking...where's the quilting in this blog...nada...except, I also saw this on the Pinterest site!  Mine would say Born to Quilt ~ Work for BOM's!  LOL

Have a great day and make only one change...tomorrow your life will be a little different by the choice.