Monday, May 28, 2012

Bee Boppin' Around

Yesterday was a Bee Boppin' Day.  No real agenda (except for Wool Group).  I do have a surprise for you guys an upcoming give away sponsored by Hancock Fabrics, so stay tuned.   While walk around Hancock's Keith the manager showed me the next Notion of the Month which started on sale yesterday!  Can you believe that they have a double pack of Fiskar scissors in the new designer colors for only....$7.79!!!!  If you want some you had better run down there because as soon as I posted the info on the clips, they sold out!

Check out their bookshelf...anything from cooking, knitting, crochet, jewelry making, quilting!!!

Also found a stash of OttLite bulbs.

The Wool group at Sew Many Quilt was hopping.  I am sad that it is being discontinued for the summer!  QuiltWork's Woolies take a break just around the Quilter's Affair...thank goodness...I need my wool girlfriends.  Take a look at this beautiful pillow that Linda made as a store sample for Sew Many Quilts!

I am getting Halloween Fever!  Sew Many Quilt has such cute displays for Halloween projects.  I can't wait to participate in their embroidery group!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, hope the weather is perfect, the parades are wonderful and your flag is flying!