Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where In The World Is Waldo...I Mean Enzo???

I have reached a day off in the work week.  I mean a day that is spent not "working for the man" but working for myself.  Recent history has been trying at work as my employer readjusts...trying to find that sweet spot in the bottom line.  Like everyone else from the President on down to Enzo, these days decision are being made that have a sting to them.  We knew it was coming but the announcement was made to close down AirLink which is our air medical transport and let a private company provide the service.  Not knowing the in and outs, the ups and downs and totally being a sideline quarterback, I am sad.  There was a sense of pride and security in being a facility that provided medical air transport.  Sure, there still will be a service but it will be a private company and 27 individuals  were laid off.  Pilots, Nurses, Respiratory Therapist...((sigh)) The one guarantee in life is change and we must hold each others hands as we move forward.

Today in my quest to move forward I am going to start getting ready for the Fabric Stalker Sunriver Retreat which is a week from today!  There will be about 7 of us participating this year and we will be unveiling the latest construction of the Flippin' Bird Challenge.  Getting ready for retreat can be chaotic...remember that show where 4 people with shopping carts would rush through a store just throwing stuff in the cart and whoever's cart had the highest dollar amount won....I kinda feel like that.  My sewing room looks like a tornado came through...where in the world is Enzo???  By the end of today it will be straightened up and my project for retreat will be ready.  Of course I am keeping open the, the distinct possibility...actually, the right to change my mind right up until Robin picks me up!

Today I leave you with this image...that no matter what happens at work, home, with the spouse or the kids....