Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thoughts For Today

Have you ever known someone who revels in the drama?  Recently I met someone who by all accounts is a good, hard working person but I was exhausted by the end of our encounter because the energy that surrounded them was one that exuded  drama.  The injustices of life and I'll show them...and the me against the world...no one understands me.  I think this person would feel sooooo much better it they took up quilting!!!  You meet wonderful people, you get to buy beautiful fabrics and make wonderful quilts...life would be so sweet that the drama...well the only drama would be...opps dropped my needle, don't move! lol

I received this photo of my parents boat from the man who purchased her and took on the task of getting her sea worthy again.  I have many memories of sailing with my dad...he was so proud of his sailboat.  His passing came only a couple of years or more after he purchased the boat.  But my mother continued to sail and race for many more years.  Then as guaranteed she started aging and it was easier the last 10 years to sail and race with a friend on their boat.  Her boat bobbed around the slip the last decade of her life as she was unable to part with the memories of dad and sell it.  After her death last Sept. we were able to find the perfect match for the boat and this past weekend after a few month of refurbishing she was again on the high seas feeling the wind in her sails!  I know my mom and dad would love it!

Today I will be heading to Woolie Tuesday at QuiltWorks and get some wonderful photos of the Novel Idea Quilts!  Stay tuned and have a happy, drama free Tuesday!