Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Studs & Wool!

There is a twice yearly ritual that is part of living on this side of the mountain...winter tire rotation.  You had to have your studs off by yesterday and so I thought that since it was the day after there wouldn't be a line!  NOT!  I was in the company of a lot of stud criminals!  After a 2 hour wait I gave up and called HH to see if he would come get me and take me home.  A half hour after arriving home I got a call that in fact they couldn't change my tires because 2 of them were no good!!!  I have lived here a long time and I trust the Les Schwab tire guys and when they need new tires...I need new tires.  So $600+ later I now have my rest of the year tires.

With the morning shot I still had some fun times ahead because it was the bi-monthly gathering of the Woolies at QuiltWorks.  Laughter is the best medicine and there was a belly full! lol  Enjoy the slide show...wish you could have been there!

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