Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shop Hop Finale & The Winners!

Oh yeah...I said winners!  I decided to not only announce the winner of the Bird Brain pattern but also to pass on the fat 8ths and patterns I received during the shop hop yesterday!  I am giving you one of those disclaimers like they do on pharmaceutical will need a cup of coffee or tea because the slide show has over 70 photos, and may cause narcolepsy, urination of ones clothing, unusual desire to run around the county to shop, snack habits that are not common, sweating, squealing and gleeful running from cars to have been warned. report these or any other symptoms to your girlfriends and then open your wallets.

Caroline is the winner of the Bird Brain package!

The winner of the Shop Hop package is Linda.

Send me your mailing addresses and then the fun begins!

I am blessed because Robin decided to do the remainder of the Shop Hop with me and she drove!!!  Irene and I did the Bend shops on Thursday so all that was left was Prineville, Terrebonne, Redmond, Sisters and La Pine.  For those who have visited the area before you know what I am sayin'...that is a lot of driving.  As we finished the north end and had to drive through Bend to reach La Pine we stopped at Robin's house and picked up Brim cause he had been home alone long enough.  Enzo on the other hand was having a full day of fun with HH.

2 of the shops were in new locations since I had last visited.  The Quilt Shack in Prineville is in a awesome location and shop owner Rhonda has a jewel in the rough in her has been her project since the move late last year and has loads of parking, classroom space and street frontage.  The Material Girl in Redmond also moved to a larger space.  The fabric choices in this shop are some of the most delicious and for the first time since Jan. 1st I purchased 2 pieces of fabrics "just because."  My main shopping goal was to increase my homespun stash which was pitiful and the self made BOM project that I am doing with Sandy and Anne uses least that is what I want to make it out of!  Anne will be posting our progress.  All that shopping....was exhausting!  I haven't shopped like that for a while.  Thank the quilt gods that HH decided to cook dinner.  After a glass of wine, catching up on our respective days, a plate of spaghetti and a 3 episodes of Bones on Netflix I slept until 0630 this morning when  wet nose was bumping my arm!

Tomorrow I will post a photo of what I indulged in and as we are winding down and moving out of April I will have a photo of my April UFO.  Yes, I am quite happy that I am moving along on this challenge for 2012.

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