Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pay Attention

I can hear the voice of my creative side whispering...Pay Attention!  I tend to rush from point A to point B...focused on the end...while missing the middle.   Creativeness isn't because of the beginning, and isn't at the end...but Creativeness is what you do with the middle. Yesterday was filled with "pay attention" moments.  And, I was lucky enough to be listening...and so I did.  But only after stepping in a big pile of dog poop on my walk!  Enzo and I were out in the glorious sun filled day and I was walking behind a tree in the field by my house trying to not spook some deer.  Suddenly I felt like I had an extra tall heel on one poop!  It was in that moment that I thought...a sign, today I pay attention.  

So when I rode my scooter to the grocery store I really "saw" the produce section and took photos.  The colors and arrangements of the fruits and vegetables were beautiful.  I think that if we pay attention there are inspiring moments all around us that we could use in creating a beautiful quilt!

The lesson of the day, "pay attention" continued on into the evening.  HH and I were invited to a wine tasting party.  Each couple brought 2 bottle of wine under $10 so the label was covered and we rated 8 different wines through the course of the evening while sharing horderves.  If I had seen the labels I would have judged them right away...but because I had no idea what I sampling, the judgement was based solely on taste...and my favorite a $5.99 bottle of Chardonnay!  I don't even like Chardonnay!  Paying attention & trusting what my taste buds were telling me rather than what is labeled made for a wonderful experience.  Good advice about life in general!

Have a wonderful Sunday!