Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life is a Chair of Bowlies

I have said it before and I will say it again...and, I said it at retreat...I do not get the sewing time at home like I do at retreat.  Even when I have a day to myself and I plan on not leaving the house...where the goal is to sew all day! So, when HH asked in the morning if I was going to use my car today? I said,  "I am not going to use a car today because I plan on staying home and finishing up my Summer Stars BOW."  He wanted to use a car instead of his gas hog of a truck.   In the morning I took Enzo for a walk, dealt with the mail, and had planned on picking up pine needles until the pollen count hit and I couldn't stop sneezing.  Then I got a call that I missed an appointment and they would reschedule for 1:30 in the afternoon, yikes!  When HH came home for lunch I reclaimed my car, went to my appointment. Came home and realized that I hadn't sent a birthday present to a special someone in the mail.  Went to the post office where the line was long...which is when I realized that today for some reason I have no clue about, taxes were due to be filed.  By the time I got home and cleaned up my sewing room from having dumped everything from the weekend...I had time to cut out in ONE...Summer Star block. I mean cut sewing! Only 9 more to go (so close and yet so far) but, that will have to wait until Friday which is the first day I have free for sewing

But here is a bunch that I got done on retreat!

One of the things I learned on retreat was  how cute little wool scissors can make life easier.  I have been using the big yellow ones and they cut through wool like butter.  Recently though I have been working on smaller projects and cutting out littler pieces of wool.  These cute scissors are made especially for the tiny pieces.  The point is sharp and the blade serrated.  I got them at Sew Many Quilts.

I am working today and dreaming of my Summer Stars!  Hope there are some stars in your life!